SBA 1L Section Representative Platforms

Section 1 Candidates: Ann Reid, Colby Ferguson, J.P. Brown, Nathan Coulter, Nicole Manning, Samantha Sedivy

Ann Reid

Hey there, Section 1!  My name is Ann Reid and I am running to be your Student Bar Association representative.  We have an awesome and diverse group of people in Section 1, and I would love to use this position as a platform to both serve and get to know you all.  According to its mission statement the SBA works to connect the student body to the administration and the Richmond community in general, as well as to oversee student organizations and organize social and recreational events; I believe I am capable of all of these tasks.

After four years on the varsity rowing team at UVA I have fine-tuned my teamwork and communication skills, both of which I feel would be indispensible in connecting with you and relaying your comments and concerns onto the rest of SBA, and the administration above that.  Rowing also forced me to master time-management, and as a result I believe I’d be able to fully dedicate myself to this endeavor and not be forced to neglect the ensuing duties in order to keep up with academic work.

Additionally, I am a huge fan of social and recreational outlets and would love to organize some of these for our section, and try to coordinate with the other first-year reps for class-wide events, whether these are nights out or section v. section sports events.  I would also love to make sure everyone in the class is kept on top of events going on around town; as a Richmond native I know and hear about a very diverse spread of opportunities for appreciation of the arts, outdoors activities, and chances and places to volunteer, all of which I am eager to share with you regardless of whether or not I am elected.

We all learned from Dean Rahman’s welcome-speech during Orientation how impressive and accomplished our entering class this year is; I would consider it an honor to have your vote, so that I might help make sure we all have the opportunity to achieve even more success during our time here at the University of Richmond.


Colby Ferguson

Hi, section 1!  My name is Colby Ferguson, and I am looking for your vote for the Section 1 SBA Representative.

There are two main concerns that most students have coming into the first year in law school: the burden of student loans and staying healthy through the long, arduous trek ahead. I was concerned about coming in with so much debt, I wanted to make sure that I made every cent count in a way that mattered to me.  As your representative, it will be my priority to advocate so that all of our dollars are going to the places we want them to go.  As for our physical well-being, it is important to maintain a balance between our academic lives and our social lives.  If we want more social events to force us out of the library to hang out with our peers, I will advocate for you.  If we want longer library hours, I will make your voice heard.  If we want more opportunities to interact with the University or the Richmond community, as a UR alumna and Richmonder I will be the first to tell you that Richmond is an amazing place, and that I would love to express your interest to the SBA.

As your representative, I will be proactive about voicing our opinions to the SBA.  I promise that I will make myself available to you all, that I will always be receptive to your thoughts, comments, feelings, and ideas, and that I will keep you updated on all the issues and ideas that affect us that are circulating around the Administration and the SBA.  And, most importantly, I promise that I will put my efforts towards cultivating an atmosphere where we can all feel comfortable and happy as individuals and as members of the both 1L class and the T.C. Williams School of Law.

We have a lot to offer to the Law School, Section 1, and I am truly excited for the opportunity to be our voice in the SBA!

Keep Calm and Outline On!


J.P. Brown


-7 years of service as a U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer

- Skill sets include ethical leadership, personnel management, as well as budgetary and resource management that have been honed through challenging assignments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

- Extensive communications experience including time spent as an Officer In Charge of 40-plus analysts, a full-time briefer, analyst, and speechwriter


Utilize a community-based approach in the SBA to improve the lives of each University of Richmond (U of R) Law Student.

What does this mean for me?

Law School is an incredibly challenging time as both former professionals and students begin the long road of transitioning to a successful legal career.  I believe that the SBA is ideally situated to serve U of R students by seamlessly working with students, faculty, and alumni in the community to improve the overall experience for students during all phases of their legal education: Matriculation, Current Students, New Alumni

Matriculating Students

  • Improve Communication with Wait Listed Candidates – We can do better!  As a candidate who was accepted off the wait-list, it was incumbent upon me to maintain a relationship with the admissions office to show that I wanted to be here.  Other schools communicated with me on almost a weekly basis.  As a result, I almost went elsewhere because I already felt like a member of that law school’s community.
  • Expand the Role of the Student Law Advisor (SLA) Program – Transition the SLA from a passive resource into an active means for engaging with matriculating students.  NOTE: My SLA is awesome but I would have preferred to meet him sooner.  After committing to U of R, it would have been immensely helpful to have another student as a resource to help answer questions about expectations, the city, where to live, etc. 
  • Actions such as these are vital to attract highly competitive candidates who will ultimately improve Richmond’s already illustrious ranking and reputation.

Current Students

Effective Communication – Without a doubt, I view the role of the SBA, and my role as a section representative as being focused on communication.  I see myself as meeting with section members and classmates regularly to hear your concerns so that I can better convey your interests to the faculty/administration.  I keep an open carrel, email, cell phone, and Facebook policy.  If you haven’t been able to get in touch with me as your rep, something’s wrong.

Building a Community – This is what you all probably think of when you think of the SBA: beer, wine, and free food.  I definitely want to keep this going for obvious reasons, but most importantly, I believe it’s a great way for us to reach out to each other during the year.  These opportunities allow us the chance to blow off steam as a class, but also to network within other classes to learn about what’s next in terms of classes, clubs, internships, and employment.

New Alumni

Your Network is your Net Worth – During the first tailgate, I was disappointed with what I didn’t hear.  Where’s the Law School Tailgate?  Where are our Alumni?  Where are all the new grads who just completed what I am going through?  There are so few opportunities in the course of each year for Law Students to learn how to network better.  Simply put opportunities like this should not be missed.  I would like to help the SBA reach out to the local legal community (one of U of R’s greatest strengths) to constantly attract practicing attorneys and judges for educational opportunities.  How about a bi-semesterly distinguished speaker series?  Creating networking opportunities like this are what will create employment opportunities down the road!

Recommended Facility Improvements:

  • Create an improved and permanent smoking area – I believe that a better solution exists than the one that currently exists.  The current location of the smoking area is along a well-trafficked footpath between the Law and Business schools.  This location exposes non-smokers to second-hand smoke while people study in the courtyard or walk to get lunch at Lou’s Deli.  Moving the area a short distance would alleviates this while providing tobacco users with a permanent area complete with park benches, a picnic table, and cigarette butt cans so that they have a location where they can relax and enjoy a much deserved study break.  Full disclosure: I smoked for two years while I was in the service, so I understand the issue from both sides.  I no longer smoke.
  • Ice Machine for the Down Under – Many of us enjoy iced coffee or beverages that we bring from home daily.  As both DU refrigerators are at near capacity during the day, all who want to freshen their drinks could use the addition of an ice machine.  It would serve the added benefit of supporting the numerous luncheons and social functions that we host during the week.


Nathan Coulter

My fellow 1Ls,

I am Nathan Coulter, and I would like to be your SBA representative. We all work extremely hard and we all deserve to have a little more fun! Allow me to play a role in making this year more enjoyable for all of us.

How can I contribute to this lofty goal? As your SBA representative, I would push for more student activities, more opportunities to socialize, eat, drink, and be merry. No activity better furthers these ends than student led music and performance events. Whether karaoke, open mic, or simple drunken revelry, nothing makes friends and blows off steam better than showcasing the talents of our fellow students and professors. As a former bartender and current self-titled musician, I feel uniquely qualified to organize, motivate, and execute such events.

If elected as your representative, I would be representing your interests, whether musical or otherwise. This is an endeavor I would take seriously, so elect Nathan Coulter and let’s do something interesting!


Nicole Manning

Greetings Section 1!

I am Nicole Manning, from New Mexico and I am very excited to ask each one of you for your support, and your vote in my run for the SBA Section 1 Representative.

A bit about myself: I am currently staring in a sitcom that involves me living on campus in a house with 6 other women (4 Chinese, 1 other from New Mexico and a Ukrainian attorney). I have two degrees that show my absolute passion for being in the dirt- a BS in Anthropology-Archaeology and a BA in Political Science.  I have a horrible habit of saying yes when people ask me to volunteer and as such have been working with people who have developmental disabilities for over twenty years, teaching folks to swim as a Boy Scouts of America Aquatics Director, spending thousands of hours working with political campaigns (which ever party you support, just assume I worked with them), in addition to recently retiring as the vice-president of my local neighborhood association (turns out, I have to continue living in the neighborhood to maintain membership).

I apparently am easily bored and as such have worked in multiple fields doing everything from selling mortgages and real estate to working as a technician at my undergrad university to taking a United States Congressional campaign off the ground, to running a law office, to running my own company that focused on organizing and running other small businesses. I most recently was a state employee, working as the Board Administrator for New Mexico’s Dental Health Care Board and Dietetics & Nutrition Board. That made me feel as though my red stapler was at risk of being taken, so I left and spent the three months prior to school in what can only be called “the longest nap of my life.”

So, what could I possible offer you, that is worth your vote?

Frankly, I am going to be working it.

Information: Working to disseminate, filter and relay the essential information we need, and cut through the thousands of notices, emails and useless tidbits, is a priority. We have little enough time as it is, let me trim it down for you (please ignore the length of this initial introduction).  Additionally, communicating with the Deans office your needs and priorities.

Planning: Working to be like yourselves, the very best student I can be. To accomplish this, we need to know what is coming. Seeking notice on assignments, representing to the SBA those dates that would seriously conflict with our work, and mapping the financial future of the organization are all key to ensuring we have the best view of whats to come.

Participation: Working towards our ultimate goal of becoming attorneys. My experience in the legal field has taught me that networking, even in our 1L year, is essential for our future careers. Seeking, recognizing and even creating these opportunities for you will be a priority in my time as your representative.

I am truly thrilled to be here with this group. Each one of you has a story I want to hear, and goals I want to help with. Please know I am always available, after all, I live right here on campus. –Nicole Manning


Samantha Sedivy

During our first few weeks at the University of Richmond School of Law, I have quickly learned that Section One is undeniably the best section around. That is why I would be honored to serve as your 1L Section Representative. As members of the newest class at U of R Law, I realize that we have barely begun to understand what we need from the SBA and from the school. That is why it is imperative for our section to have an easily accessible and responsive representative to communicate our needs to the SBA. As further explained in the paragraphs below, I have ample leadership experience as a representative that would be beneficial to me as your section representative. Furthermore, I recognize the importance of providing opportunities for both academic enrichment and for social activities, which is why I would fervently advocate for both. Students who work hard deserve to play too!

Our time at the University of Richmond will be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts our lives, and Section 1 deserves to have a representative that will enthusiastically advocate for our best interests. I believe that I would serve as an outstanding 1L SBA Representative for Section 1 and I would be honored to serve you all in this capacity.

Thank you for your time and for your vote!

Here are some more specifics about my related leadership experience:

While at the College of William and Mary, I was elected to serve on my sorority’s Executive Board as the Pan-Hellenic Affairs Vice President. I acted as the primary liaison between my sorority and W&M’s greater Greek community and was responsible for communicating my chapter’s views on community policies to the Pan-Hellenic Council. During my tenure my chapter received the Inter-Fraternalism Award for outstanding representation in the Greek community.

After graduating from W&M, I spent a year working as the legislative aide to the Senate Majority Leader of the Virginia Senate and Chairman of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. One of my greatest responsibilities as the Senator’s legislative aide was acting as his liaison to his committee. I was responsible for guaranteeing open lines of communication between the Senator, his fellow committee members, and committee staffers to ensure smooth operation of the committee. I also acted as the Senator’s primary constituent liaison, managing the communication of political and community concerns between the Senator and his constituents.



Section 2 Candidates: Allison Linscott, Andrew Sassoon, Carter Nichols, Eric Postow


Allison Linscott

Hello fellow 1Ls,

Well we have made it through 3 weeks and I think that deserves a pat on the back, right?  Soon enough that will be three years.  I am running to be the section 2 representative for the 1L class.  It would be an honor to not only represent my section, but all 1Ls.  As your representative I hope to be a friend with whom you could discuss changes you would like to see, be the middleman between our needs and the SBA.  I want to know what you think would improve your time here.  As we are all still acclimating to being in our first year I expect that different concerns and requests will arise as the year continues. I would want anyone to feel comfortable to come talk to me whenever any of these things may come about.  I have been in many leadership roles in my undergraduate years at Virginia Tech and also worked as a social worker for the last two years.  I am organized, here to help, and approachable.  I am also creative and would be an asset for the planning of SBA events for us to enjoy.

Some requests I have already heard are water coolers around the school, or at least one in the down under, and the possibility of “First Mondays.” This would be a lunch provided for 1Ls the first Monday of every month or every other month.  It could be a time for all 1Ls to mingle because we don’t always get to see people in other sections.  Also, who doesn’t love a free lunch and need their Mondays brightened just a bit?  These are all things I would take to the board and try to advocate on behalf of my fellow classmates.

Let’s make these next three years the best they can be together!


Andrew Sassoon

      Hello 1Ls, particularly those of you in section 2! My name is Andrew Sassoon and I would love the opportunity to be your voice as your SBA representative! Besides having a passion for the University of Richmond and wanting to make all of our experiences here at T.C. Williams the best possible, I believe that I am qualified to do the job as well. In college, I was the President of the William & Mary Racquetball Club for 4 years and was a chief organizer of an annual USRA sanctioned racquetball tournament in Newport News, VA. With these experiences under my belt, I am confident that I will be able to handle the responsibilities of being your SBA representative.

      So, what do I want to accomplish as your representative? First and foremost, I want to vocalize your desires, opinions, concerns, and thoughts to the SBA and the powers above us. I am always open to talk with you and listen to your wants and needs about the school. This is the most important aspect of being your representative and I won’t take it lightly.

      Next, I will work to make the social events of the law school as awesome as possible. Have an idea for a Down Under you’d like to propose? I’ll pitch it for you. You’d like a certain type of event? I’ll fight for it. You want more food at law school events? I’ll try to make it happen. You want more free food period around the law school? I’ll do what I can. Basically, I will try to make the precious free time we have as fun as possible and always strive to improve. I also will do what I can to increase the number of social events the law school offers as well.

      Besides trying to better the social offerings at T.C. Williams, I believe there are little things the SBA can do to make your everyday life at the school better. Whether it is ensuring there is a consistent supply of utensils in the lounges, more varieties of coffee, or getting massage chairs for use in the library during finals, I’ll do what I can to make it happen.

      It would be a privilege to be your voice to the SBA this year. As your representative, you can be sure that I will make sure your opinions are heard and do all I can to make this year and the rest of our time at Richmond memorable. Thank you!


Carter Nichols

Hello Fellow §2 Students!

For those who may not know me, my name is Carter Nichols and I am running to be your 1L SBA Representative. I believe that my experience, dedication, and passion make me the best choice to represent you in the SBA. Just to give you a brief background: I graduated from Old Dominion University with a double major in Communication and Political Science. Before starting at Richmond I ran the Legislative Office and campaign committee of a member in the Virginia House of Delegates. Like many of you I have a passion for public service, government, and the law. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent you. As your 1L representative, I would dedicate an unwavering amount of effort to make sure you are getting the most out of your time here at the University of Richmond.

There are three main components to my platform and how I would approach the duty of serving as a 1L representative. Each of these components is something I have already begun to promote and facilitate since we got to Richmond. However, an important thing to consider is that my platform is not rigid and inflexible. An evolving platform, one that changes with our needs as new and growing students, will best serve us throughout our first year and beyond. The three main components are as follows:

      – Communication: Open and efficient communication are essential to the success of any system. I want to ensure that, as a §2 student, your voice is heard by both the SBA as well as the University. As your representative I will always be available to discuss, listen, or pass along your thoughts and concerns.

- Cohesion: Creating a cohesive and communal atmosphere is something I believe to be extremely important as a 1L. Many of us will go on to work with each other, rely on each other, and help each other as attorneys. Building lasting relationships now will help us all as we move into our future careers. I have already begun facilitating this point by electing to organize social events for all of us as 1Ls (e.g. bar review).

      – Constant Support: Sometimes, as I think many of us have learned in the first few weeks of school, we need help. Whether it is help understanding a concept from class, how to brief a case, or simply how to manage the stress of being a 1L, we should all have someone to lean on for that support. Many of us have found helpful classmates already but, as a 1L representative, I want to ensure that everyone can count on a support system made up of those who truly understand what they are experiencing – I will always be there to lend that support.

If you’ve made it this far I thank you for taking the time to read my platform. While I could make it more concise, I want to show you that I plan on taking a comprehensive approach to this position. I am always willing to discuss my platform or any other issues you’d like; you can email me at, stop me in the hall, or visit me at my carrel (#S311) on the second floor. Again, I thank you for taking the time to read my platform and I hope I can count on your vote!

Sincerely yours,

Carter Nichols


Eric Postow

Greetings to all Section Two-ers.

For those who I have not officially met, my name is Eric Postow, and I would like to be your representative this year in the SBA.

As I have come to realize, the SBA is an organization, which can be paramount to our overall experience while at the University of Richmond.

Taking a page from the current President, Mr. Clay Jones, I think the most important thing that the SBA can influence, is the grass roots effort to bring high quality and diverse employers to our school for on campus interviews and information sessions.

According to the website Law School Numbers, last year the University of Virginia hosted 117 on employers for on campus interviews, The College of William and Mary had 27, and Washington and Lee had 21. The University of Richmond only had 8. This illustrates a critical vulnerability and the point for which I base my platform.


1)     Work with the SBA to further community outreach in order to enhance the image of University of Richmond’s law students.

2)      Communicate through the alumni network, and local supporting establishments to invite regional employers from diverse fields to information sessions, and on campus interviews.

3)     Promote a one-voice approach across our diverse student organizations that focus on networking opportunities and employment after school.


As a Marine Corps Officer, it was one of my responsibilities to ensure my Marines received the best training available. This often times placed me in direct competition with other company commanders for limited recourses and training space. By communicating effectively, and by aggressively leaning into every opportunity for training, I was able to ensure my Marines enhanced themselves in their core competencies and were able to remain in a state of readiness. 

As an officer overseas, it was common for me to work across many diverse cultural and language barriers in order to promote my units interests. I believe these experiences will allow me to better serve us as a section when it comes to representing our priority needs, and fighting for the limited resources available to all students.

If given the opportunity, I will work hard to earn your confidence as our section representative, and I will focus on ways to further our interests as a class.



Section 3

Luke Bresnahan

Hey Section 3! After spending the last month with everyone in our section, I know that I’d love to represent such a great group of people and do my part to make these next three years as enjoyable as possible.  I have already been hearing some of your suggestions as well as speaking with other students that currently serve as SBA representatives.  This has helped me gain a clear understanding of what serving Section 3 as an SBA rep will require and how I can be most effective in that role.

A major reason that I chose Richmond Law was because of the sense of community and collegiality that I experienced.  I’d like to serve you by fostering that community and solving any problems we may come across in what will definitely be a challenging few years.  It’s been awesome getting to know those of you that I’ve been able to so far and I’m really looking forward to spending some time getting to know those of you that I haven’t.  I’ll always be open to any of your suggestions and I hope to have the opportunity to serve as a dependable and effective voice for our section.  Feel free to reach out to me via email or in person – although I’m usually studying anywhere other than at my carrel because it’s in the basement.

If you’re interested, here’s a little bit about my most relevant experiences:  I have served in multiple elected and leadership roles through my activities at UVA, I was the Managing Editor of a student-run publication, and I led a group of students to create a state-wide high school business plan competition while working in the Governor’s Office here in Richmond.  Professionally, I have worked as a Project Assistant and Business Development Analyst at major firms.  Each of these positions required teamwork, effective communication skills, financial literacy, and the ability to efficiently help others achieve their goals. 

Thanks for your consideration and have a great week!


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SBA Class Rep Candidate Statements for 2013-2014

2L Class Rep Candidate Statements

Emma Buck

My name is Emma Buck and I am running for 2L SBA representative. This year I participated in the SBA as a 1L section representative. This experience taught me how to best communicate the concerns and needs of my section to the SBA in order to help make law school a little more enjoyable for everyone. This will be particularly important skill for our future 2L representative as more of us take on leadership roles in various clubs and boards. This past year, the members of SBA were focused on making sure that our tuition money is being used as efficiently as possible so that it can go further. I want to help make sure that our funds continue to be well used and law school organizations are able to put on their events, competitions, and meetings (complete with delicious food).

As a 2L representative, I would be focused on making sure that new club officials understand how the SBA works and how their organization and the SBA can best work together. I would also like to increase communication between the SBA and all students so that everyone can participate in events and give feedback. I care about the important work done by the SBA and I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you.

Thank you so much for voting!


Hank Fisher

As your SBA Class Representative, I will always be available, I will make improvements, and I will make the most out of our budget so that we can turn your thoughts into tangible improvements. I am always available around school, commonly found at the library tables, in order to have face to face time to talk about ideas. I will also help to make smart improvements, such as not having the golf tournament on the day of the Masters, which I know is a dire concern for many of you in particular. Finally, through owning my own business I have become quite familiar with budgets and getting maximum efficiency when the budget gets tight. I hope you take my thoughts and qualifications into consideration when deciding on your future SBA Representative as I would really appreciate your vote. Thanks!


Shaun Freiman

Hey upcoming 2Ls!  My name’s Shaun and I’d like your vote for 2L SBA representative.  For those of you that don’t know me, I’m in section 3 and when I’m not in class, I can normally be found at the front tables in the library or outside on the front patio.

As you probably know, the SBA funds a lot of great events and school groups that allow us to take a break from school work and interact with each other outside of the classroom.  As your rep, I promise to keep you informed of those great groups and events, but also to make sure that SBA funds are being spent fairly and responsibly.  I also promise to increase the transparency of the SBA so you can know exactly what your representatives are doing on your behalf.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or ask me when you see me at school.

If you want a candidate that’s fiscally responsible and socially active, vote for me in the upcoming class elections!

I’m Shaun Freiman and I approve this message.


3L Class Rep Candidate Statements

 Allison Rienecker

Hey everyone, my name is Allison Rienecker and I’m running for the SBA 3L Class Representative position.  I’ve been an SBA class rep the past two years and would be honored to serve our class again in our final year of law school.  This year’s SBA executives and chairs did an awesome job and I know the incoming board is already working hard to make next year even better!  I take my job as class rep seriously and do my best to always get answers to students’ questions.  I also work hard to make sure students know about events and other school happenings through relentless emails, Facebook invitations, messages and ticket sales.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at or stop by my carrel #S269.  Thanks for voting!

Nat Moger

All I do is win.

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Congratulations to the 2013-2014 SBA Executive Board

President: Clay Jones

Vice President: Suzanne Spiller

Treasurer: Mayme Donahue

Secretary: Christina Stine

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SBA Executive Board Candidate Statements


Justin Griffin
Simply put, I am running for SBA President because I love this school, but I think
it could be even better. My goal is to have a more fun relaxing environment at
the school, and promote more active student groups which will contribute to the
richness of culture and thought at the law school. I am seeking the Presidency
because I see it as an opportunity to serve you and below is how I will start.

Mission Statement: The Student Bar Association seeks to improve the quality of life
of the students of Richmond Law by balancing the hard-work of law school with
some pleasures of life.

1. Get a steady supply of plastic utensils for the DU.
a. Nothing more annoying than not being able to find a fork when you
desperately need one.
2. Water Bottle Filling Station.
3. Fix the Foosball Table in the DU.
4. Bring more food options to campus.
a. I will work with the administration of the Law School and University
to provide law students more on-campus dining options. If downtown
Richmond can have Christopher’s Cart, why can’t we?
5. Taste of Richmond for 1L orientation.
a. Get local restaurants to come set up out on the front lawn, so all the people
new in town can see what the city has to offer.
6. Monthly Breakfast for all students in the atrium.
7. Serious commitment to the Legal Food Frenzy Food Drive.
8. Work with the CDO to have more networking events with local attorneys.
a. Job fairs, dinners, socials.
9. More DU’s and of a wider variety.
a. At least one SBA social event a month.
b. In addition to going to bars, things like movie night on the patio or Super
Bowl watch party.
10. Commitment to Intramural Sports.
11. Revamp the SBA website.
12. Restructure student organization budget process.
a. Have a more inclusive and transparent system for allocating funds.
b. Groups would be able to have limited social events.
c. I will personally meet with each of the heads of the student organizations
before the budget is determined to learn more about the group, their goals,
and their mission.

Clay Jones

If you grant me the opportunity to represent the student bar, my focus will be jobs.
Our school is doing a great job of increasing its ranking. That will benefit us all down
the road. What will benefit us now is opportunities to increase our visibility as
employable individuals. Not everything relates to our current/future jobs searches.
I obviously can’t promise jobs for everyone. What I can promise, however, is to view
every relevant decision and opportunity through the lens of “Will this help current
students gain employment.” I also intend to find opportunities for the student bar to
become more involved in efforts to help launch our careers.

I learned a lot during my first career after college. I worked as a Contracts
Administrator and as a Systems Analyst at a defense contractor that employed over
30,000 people. While I was there I led a number of projects. Those projects ranged
from a campaign to educate all employees across the nation on organizational
conflict of interest, to a local effort to determine the best way gather critical data.
One thing I had to learn quickly is that if you want to get a job done it is crucial to
involve the main stakeholders.

Right now, we are those stakeholders.

I am encouraged by the changes I’ve seen in the CDO over this school year. Dean
Hutchinson is doing a fantastic job and I’m confident she will continue to do so. But
I believe that every department has a role to play in helping us along during this
initial phase of our careers. The Student Bar Association should as well. Who else
has more skin in the game?

I do not believe that it is my position to list changes and pledge to bring them
to campus. The executive board of the SBA exists to represent the students and
there are three class representatives who are elected to focus on the concerns of
their classes. In this regard, the president’s role should be to consult with these
representatives and seek out concerns personally as well. Then the president should
champion those concerns to the Dean’s Office.

Employment is one concern that we clearly all share. I am asking for your vote so
that I can keep that concern at the forefront as SBA President.


Vice President

Suzanne Spiller
My name is Suzanne Spiller and I am excited about running for SBA Vice President.
I am currently treasurer of SBA and I have enjoyed both getting to know everyone
involved in the Student Bar Association and being involved in all of the school

activities and events. I look forward to remaining an SBA officer, and will use all of
the information and experience that I have gained as treasurer this year in the Vice
President position. I am excited about the opportunity of taking on a different role
and serving the law school as best as I can. I believe that Mike McCollum and Grace
Stewart did a fantastic job this past year as president and vice president and I hope
that we can have another great year! Please let me know if you have any questions
or suggestions. I look forward to serving you all again.


Mayme Donohue
My name is Mayme Donohue and I am running for SBA Treasurer. I’ve served the
past year as a 1L Representative on SBA. During that time, I learned a great deal
about the budget process and I have also come to understand a number of the
frustrations students often experience related to the SBA budget. I believe that most
of the frustrations are born from misunderstandings and miscommunications and
as Treasurer my number one goal will be transparency. The current SBA Executive
board has done a great job restructuring the budget process and through their hard
work, this next budget cycle will surely not resemble the last. That said, I want to
make sure each student understands how and why money is allocated the way it is,
because after all, it is all of our money.

I want to thank the current Exec Board for everything they’ve contributed to the
SBA and I look forward to working with the new SBA to continue the progress we’ve
made. Thank you for your votes! I am excited for what’s to come!


Emma Buck
My name is Emma Buck and I am running for Secretary. This year I participated
in the SBA as a 1L section representative. The SBA does the very important job of
making law school a little more enjoyable. Without the SBA putting on social events
and distributing funds to clubs and boards, we would have much less to distract
us from readings and classes. This year, the members of SBA have been focused on
making sure that our tuition money is being used as efficiently as possible so that it
can go further. I am running for SBA Secretary so that I can continue to ensure that
our funds are being well used and law school organizations are able to put on their
events, competitions, and meetings. I would be an excellent Secretary because I am
organized, experienced, and I care about the important work done by the SBA.

Thank you so much for voting!

Christina Stine

I would be honored to serve the Richmond Law community as SBA Secretary. My
experiences serving on student group executive boards, coupled with my proactive
and efficient management approach make me particularly fit for the position. I
am diplomatic, attentive and considerate in group settings. I will employ these
characteristics to keep everyone current with what the SBA is doing, to take SBA
meeting minutes, and to work with the other SBA executive board members on
budget allocations.

The SBA can be a powerful resource for our law school, but if no one knows what we
are capable of, how can we serve our students? If elected to serve as Secretary, I will
open the door of transparency, and show you how the SBA can help you and your
organizations. I will take it upon myself to better utilize the SBA blog to not only
keep the student body informed, but to entertain and motivate us all as well. The
blog will be easily accessible via a link in The Docket each week – no need to clutter
our inboxes with another email. The goings on of SBA will be more transparent,
and everyone will feel better informed. I will also include a joke of the week to keep
everyone’s spirits lifted.

Finally, I vow to be approachable and readily available to listen to your comments
and suggestions, and to bring those concerns to the attention of the SBA executive
board. I will apply my leadership experience to earnestly represent you in the best
way possible at all times. I appreciate your consideration and would be grateful for
your vote for SBA Secretary.

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1L Section Representative Elections

The voting for 1L section representatives will begin Wednesday afternoon, but before you vote you may want to review the candidate statements submitted by the potential representatives for your section(any formatting glitches in the candidate statements are my fault, not theirs; this blog is rather odd sometimes).  Feel free to get in touch with the candidates directly if you have any questions for them.

Section One:

Jeff Miller

To start let me say that I’m proud to be a member of section one – it seems like there’s always more members from our section at the various group interest meetings, SBA events and service opportunities than from any other section and that’s awesome. It’s no surprise then that there are four of us in the running to be our SBA rep.

What makes me different? First, I’m a bit older and with age comes experience (and in this case that experience is actually useful.) From college to real life I’ve often served various groups as a representative to larger governing bodies. In other words, I’ve done very similar work before and would be glad to do it again for our section.

Second, I think I’m a pretty easy person to talk to and an attentive listener. I’ve already heard some of your ideas – specifically the addition of an ice machine and water fountain with cold water that fits water bottles. These are great ideas and the types of things I would happily lobby for on behalf of our section.

Lastly, I really try to be an efficient person and keep things moving. Believe me, in any sort of bureaucratic environment, being able to get to the point is a handy skill to have.

I believe I can serve our section effectively and I encourage you to come to me with any questions or further suggestions you might have.

Thanks for your time and hopefully your vote!

-Jeff M.


Jayson Poole

Hello, I’m Jayson Poole and I want to be your section representative. For those who have come to know me over the last few weeks, can tell you that I’m dependable and always there to help out. As section representative, I would use the best of my ability to convey our interests as a section to the rest of the law school. I have had personal experience in student government in both high school and college. I’ve served as the Senior Class President to Western Branch High School and as the Secretary of the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Chapter of Christopher Newport University. As Senior Class President, I enjoyed setting up event that our high school would enjoy and would bring the same enthusiasm as your section representative. Similarly as Secretary of the Phi Alpha Delta Chapter, I worked tirelessly to inform the fraternity members of the events and was heavily involved with the planning of events. I would always be open to your suggestions and needs as your section representative. So be cool and vote Poole.


Sarah Rose:

Hey everyone, I’m Sarah Rose and I’d like to represent you to the SBA board this year. My role as the representative would be to provide communication between the SBA and Section 1. I am here for you; any ideas, concerns, question, comments, feelings, etc. that you may have that you’d like to have addressed by the SBA, I’m your girl! At The College of William and Mary, I was involved in many campus organizations and held various officer positions including secretary and president. Additionally, I was social chair for my sorority. What does this mean for you? I have lots experience communicating back and forth between my peers and elected officials and would love to hear what you have to say! And, as I make full use of my carrel, and it is conveniently located on the first floor, I’m very accessible. Furthermore, I’ve been very involved in planning social events before and would love to have some more (baseball games? Mixers between us and other graduate schools? Happy hours?) If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in person or shoot me an email. As your representative, I would proudly represent your ideas and opinions to the SBA, so please, vote for me!


Christina Stine

After meeting everyone in Section One, I can honestly say that it would be an honor to represent such an amazing group of people. It’s easy to see why I would want to be your representative for SBA, but why should you want me to represent you? During my undergraduate years at the University of Florida, I held several leadership positions that have prepared me for this role. I have experience with managing people, working hard, communicating and budgeting. (The specifics of some of the most significant positions are outlined below.) My favorite aspect of any leadership role I have ever held is problem solving.

In fact, problem solving is the reason I decided to go to law school. As your Representative, I would take your ideas and problems to the SBA, come up with ways of improving them and put them into action. Putting my creative problem solving skills to use as the Section One Representative would put me right in my element, and you would see me at my best.

Additionally, I have a passion for people and their success. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those around me realize their own goals. If elected to this position, your ideas and goals will be my first priority. Help me help you by voting for me for Section One 1L Representative.

Leadership Experience:

Dance Marathon at UF, The most successful student-run philanthropy in the Southeastern U.S.

Entertainment Overall Chair (04/11 – 04/12)

• Oversee 12 Entertainment Captains.

• Schedule all talent for the 26.2-hour event

• Work with Dance Marathon Overall Team and Children’s Miracle Network         Hospitals at Shands Hospital for Children

• Raised $886,726 donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

University of Florida National Panhellenic Council – Membership Vice President

• Plan and execute Panhellenic Recruitment in Spring and Fall for 1,200 potential  new members

• Act as liaison between the 16 chapter recruitment chairs, the Office of Sorority   and Fraternity Affairs and the Panhellenic Executive Board.

• Oversee and manage 14 members of Recruitment Executive Board

• Plan and lead a semester-long two-credit Panhellenic Counselor class for 95         student leaders

• Oversee $110,000 budget

Reitz Union Board of Managers, The managing board of UF’s student union Finance Committee Chair

• Oversee financial policies, operating budgets and facility use rates, and allocate   student organization office, cubicle, and storage space.

• Oversee $8 million budget.

• Manage two other board members and coordinate biweekly committee meetings             to review the financial aspects of the Union.

Chi Omega Sorority, Campus Activities Committee Chair

• Ensure that women of Chi Omega are active, contributing members of our           university.

O’Connell Center Student Advisory Board, Facilities Committee Chair

• Review and make recommendations on requests to alter the O’Connell Center,    such as space allocations, the addition of furnishings, equipment, and construction      projects.


Section Two:

Emma Buck

Hey Section 2! My name is Emma Buck and I would love to be your Student Bar Association Representative. The SBA’s role is to make our three years here as enjoyable as possible. This includes planning social events and promoting student organizations. With all of the work we do, it is so important to be able to unwind and get to know each other outside of the library. As your student representative, I would be receptive and positive towards all of your suggestions. If you have any questions, please come talk to me whenever (I’m easy to find, just spot the red hair). Thank you for voting!


Dimitri Karles

Hey everyone! My name is Dimitri Karles, and I am running for Section 2 representative to the SBA. I think we can all agree that these first five weeks have been a whirlwind, and as section representative, I would like to help make sure that the rest of the semester passes smoothly for all of Section 2.

I graduated from VCU in May with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. As an undergraduate, I volunteered in the Emergency Radiology Department at MCV and at CrossOver Ministry, a health clinic that treats patients who would otherwise be unable to afford health care. Because I volunteered during the school year, I developed the ability to balance my school and extracurricular responsibilities; if elected, you can be sure that I will make time to respond to any emails or questions you have. I also served as the secretary for the VCU Chapter of SWE; as secretary, I was responsible for organizing meetings and keeping the other officers on track. I will use this experience to make sure that any concerns or questions you have will be voiced to the larger SBA body.

I am usually on campus Monday through Friday, so you are welcome to come by my carrel (331 on the second floor) if you have any questions. If I’m not there, feel free to leave me a note, or email me at


Section Three:

Mayme Donohue

Hey there, Section 3!  I’m Mayme and I’d love the opportunity to be our section’s representative to the SBA.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know our section thus far.  Let’s be honest, we’re awesome!  As your SBA rep, you can count on me to make sure we have the most support, the most success, and the most fun.  I’ll make sure we have all the info we need and I’ll always speak up on our behalf.  It would be an honor and a pleasure to serve you.  Thanks!


Shaun Freiman

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Shaun Freiman and I’m asking for your vote to be our section’s Student Bar Association (SBA) representative. The SBA is responsible for putting on school events such as the Fall Down Under at the Tobacco Company, sponsoring student groups and organizations, and interfacing with the school and community on our behalf.

As a two term undergrad Student Senator I represented the students in my major before the school administration and assisted in the organization and planning of social and philanthropic events for my college. As a staffer for both the US Senate and the Executive Branch, I was regularly required to successfully advocate for the organizations that I represented to third parties. I recognize that two way communication is an essential part of good representation. It is my goal to be an open channel of communication between Section Three and the SBA. As your representative I plan to both keep you informed of opportunities to participate in SBA events and activities and encourage you to bring your suggestions to me so that I can share them with the SBA.

The skills and experience that I have developed over a six year career in public service as well as those gained as an undergraduate Student Senator are directly applicable to the position of SBA representative. With your support, I will put these qualities to work to ensure that the interests of Section Three are known to the SBA. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat on campus, leave a note at my carrel T417, or shoot me an email at

I’m Shaun Freiman and I approve this message.


Kerry McClung

Hi Section 3! I love to be involved in the happenings around T.C. Williams and want YOU to be involved as well. Law school is more than just an academic endeavor; it is three years of your life – enjoy it! As our section’s representative I will work toward making law school a well-balanced experience for everyone. I will make sure our section is aware of all the opportunities available to students and will always be receptive to suggestions. Thanks for voting!

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Fall Gathering

Please join us for our annual
with portrait dedication during the event of former Dean John Douglass

Friday, October 5, 2012
Jepson Alumni Center

RSVP by October 1st online at or via email to

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Check out the ACS Interest Meeting!

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